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PP woven tarpaulin is available in a variety of colors, 

they can be secured around the perimeter with ropes 

and eyelets for strong connection.

Widely utilized in the industrial fabric sectr, such as 

geo-membrane, membrane fabric strucure, tent, crop 

covers, truck side tarpaulins, 

swimming pools, lumber wraps and many more…

Suitable for residential, commercial and military 


Superior tensile, tear and adhesion strength compared

to normal eco-friendly PP/PE films

Can be used along with our new Eco Keders (PP 




Made from 100% recyclable polyolefin materials, which

includes the  PP core and PP fabric itself.

Specifications are directly comparable to existing PVC

keders on the market.

Suitable for billboard banners, tent/marquee, tarpaulins

and fabric membrane structures.


Flex Banner

Available for Front-Lit, Back-Lit, and Blockout woven 

banner, UV printable, eco-friendly alternative to normal

PVC woven banners. Quality Matte surface finish

Excellent cold resistance to weathering and 

durability, resistance to outdoor UV exposure.

High strength polypropylene yarn ensures long-term 

outdoor use

Can be used in conjunction with our Eco Keders to 

make 100% eco-friendly and recyclable flex banners 

new to the world!

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